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Would You Like to Form a Group and travel for FREE?
Do you belong to an organization, neighborhood association, church group or have a large family? Call or e-mail us today and find out how easy it is to coordinate a group trip for you and your loved ones, plus receive special Group Coordinator advantages.

Planning Your Own Group
What's Involved:
  • First you need a group coordinator, acting as liaison to the group in the initial planning stage.
  • From there, MYO’S Worldwide Travel will do extensive research for the best pricing and accommodations.
  • Individuals contact MYO’S Worldwide Travel directly, arrangements are made, deposits collected. Final payments are collected according to vendor requirements.
What advantages are there?
  • Prices can be locked in up to 2 years in advance.
  • Depending on the number in a group, the organizer's trip can often be at no charge!
  • And you will often get upgraded accommodations at no extra charge!

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